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Promoting fellowship, competition and conservation through fishing.

Little has changed since the Morgan County Bass Club was formed in 1981. The founding members of the club set out to develop their favorite past time into an local fishing club that provided anglers in the North Alabama region with a competitive tournament format. Based on the principles of friendly competition, resource conservation, and community involvement the Morgan County Bass Club is home to some of finest bass fisheries on the planet and some finest anglers you'll find.

Morgan County Bass Club April 2014 - Wilson Lake at Safety Harbor

The Morgan County Bass club elected to head to Wilson Lake at Safety Harbor on April 5th 2014. With lows in the lower 40's it was one of those morning you needed to wrap up before shooting across the lake at full speed, while hoping you would be able to shed your winter digs as the day warmed up. All in all, it was a pleasant day and although the sun never came out for more than a peak or two the winds stayed tolerable, shifting in all directions but at no more than 10mph or so.

At weigh in it seemed that everyone had fish and enjoyed a good solid day of fishing. As always in the Spring there were a number of folks who brought in some great bags of fish. Gary Bordon and Larry Daly showed off with an impressive bag of 8 fish weighing 33.04 while Terry Pinkard and Wade Jackson followed a distant 2nd with 26.52.

Gary Bordon and Larry Daly with a few fish from their 33.04lbs bag

Gary Bordon and Larry Daly with a few fish from their 33.04lbs bag

To summarize another great April on Wilson there were 5 bags over 23lbs (8 fish limit) but the real tale would have been the number of 5 fish tournament bags between 18 lbs and 25 lbs the club could've weighed in if fishing in a team tournament. There were officially two fish weighed at roughly 7 lbs and a gaggle of other 5 to 6 pound fish that hit the scales.

For those of us who chase bass like a kid after an ice cream truck in July, we can appreciate what we have here in our backyard. Wilson Lake and the rest of the Tennessee River system continue to be the model for consistency and the envy of the bass fishing community around the country.


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