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Promoting fellowship, competition and conservation through fishing.

Little has changed since the Morgan County Bass Club was formed in 1981. The founding members of the club set out to develop their favorite past time into an local fishing club that provided anglers in the North Alabama region with a competitive tournament format. Based on the principles of friendly competition, resource conservation, and community involvement the Morgan County Bass Club is home to some of finest bass fisheries on the planet and some finest anglers you'll find.

Club Tournament 03/18/13 - Guntersville, Siebold

As you would expect Saturday morning started as a chilly reminder that Spring isn't quite here yet. Lows were in the upper 30's and water temperatures still hovering between 45 & 48 degrees. This was also one of those days that made you want to string up the weather man. The forecast called for sunny skies and mid-60's...perfect day on the water. The skies only cleared for a brief period during the day and the temperature never got close to the predicted high. On a positive note the wind although shifty, never blew at the 20mph mark that was described and that is a rare thing considering you usually need to add 10 to the prediction.

As usual Guntersville proved to be elusive for some and bountiful for others. We only had 4 limits (8 fish) weighed in but with two sacks pushing 30lbs there were a few guys with grins on their face. All in all the lake is still producing some beautiful early pre-spawn bass with a hand full of 6+ and one that went 8lbs.

The past couple of years have been off on overall springtime weight,  but because of the mild winter the grass is growing literally everywhere and we should expect the Big G to be on this year and probably even more so next year. It'll be nice to get back to that 4-6lbs average we were seeing  a couple of years ago.

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